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Who we are?

We are an Ecuadorian cocoa exporter, committed to the quality of the product, the environment, the sustainability of the crops and the contribution of added value. We work tirelessly to ensure that the product retains its properties from origin to destination, implementing quality controls that meet the highest international standards, providing our end customers with the best Ecuadorian cocoa.

Quality from its origin
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The best cocoa bean crop is attributed to quality control during the development of the plant and its fruits, resulting in beans with excellent aroma and flavor.

Ecuadorian cocoa beans with aroma and flavor
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GrandSur International cocoa market during the pandemic
International cocoa market during the pandemic

Cocoa, like other commodities traded on international markets, experienced significant variations during the pandemic. Consumption rose during the pandemic, even though markets were expecting a demand contraction on the consumer side. Chocolate, one of its derivative products, was an exception since demand fell with the temporary shut-downs of hotels, restaurants and airports. At the same […]

Cadmium, how to reduce its impact
Cadmium, how to reduce its impact

What is Cadmium (Cd)? It is a heavy metal, considered to be one of the most toxic metals found in nature. What damage can it cause to the human body? This element of nature can cause toxicity to a person’s body if inhaled, ingested or drunk in high levels. It can cause damage to the […]

GrandSur Compost organic alternative for cocoa fertilization
Compost organic alternative for cocoa fertilization

If it is assumed that the cocoa plantation needs to be fertilized, a soil analysis should first be considered in order to identify nutrient deficiencies and to schedule the application of these nutrients Making compost to be used on productive soils. Materials such as dry plant residues can be used: rice chaff, corn stover; fresh […]