Exporter of Ecuadorian cocoa beans

Who we are?

We are an Ecuadorian cocoa exporter, committed to the quality of the product, the environment, the sustainability of the crops and the contribution of added value. We work tirelessly to ensure that the product retains its properties from origin to destination, implementing quality controls that meet the highest international standards, providing our end customers with the best Ecuadorian cocoa.

Quality from its origin
Our Product

The best cocoa bean crop is attributed to quality control during the development of the plant and its fruits, resulting in beans with excellent aroma and flavor.

Ecuadorian cocoa beans with aroma and flavor
We believe in
Social Responsability
GrandSur Capacitacion continua programa de sostenibilidad
Does cocoa production affect the environment?

The conventional model developed on a large scale and based on monocultures causes deforestation, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity of fauna and flora in the medium term, in addition to the fact that this model causes instability and labor exploitation, increasing inequality and poverty among communities in the sector. Organizations related to environmental protection […]

Nutrients needed in cocoa production

Potassium (K), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), as well as secondary elements such as calcium (Ca), sulfur (S) and magnesium (Mg), which are involved in the metabolism of the plant, are among the nutrients most absorbed by cocoa during its useful life. It is important during cocoa production to perform annual or biannual soil analyses […]

GrandSur celebra el dia mundial del cacao
World Cocoa Day

The International Organization of Cocoa Producers and the French Academy of Master Chocolatiers and Confectioners, agreed to celebrate July 7 as World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, in commemoration of the introduction of cocoa in Europe; although for the countries of America and cocoa producers, September 13 is when the International Chocolate Day is celebrated. Any […]