In 2016 we ventured into the cocoa export business, making our first export at the beginning of 2017. Since then we have been characterized not only by highlighting the importance of the farmer in the value chain guaranteeing fair prices as compensation for their work, but also optimizing time and resources in the export of high quality beans. This has led us to become in a short time in one of the most important exporters of cocoa in Ecuador.

Our Philosophy

We apply high ethical standards, protecting the environment, striving for operational excellence, exceeding customer expectations. For us, the most challenging issues are environmental protection and sustainable cocoa production without the use of child labor, promoting gender equality, caring for the health and economic well-being of farmers.


To provide high quality cocoa beans to our customers, supporting the sustainable growth of our suppliers, giving them the highest possible strategic value, complying with food safety policies, ethical practices and social responsibility.

We are a company with social and environmental principles and values, guaranteeing high quality raw material for our customers.


To be a leader in the export of cocoa beans and its derivatives, becoming the main strategic partner to supply raw material of the best quality to the world market, being recognized for providing customers with good value for money and advice.

Our Values
  • Competitiveness and innovation
  • Punctuality, dedication and hard work
  • Clear and honest communication
  • Recognition and reward for work
  • Integrity, accountability and transparency
  • Respect for the rights of all personnel
  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

Social Responsability

We know how important social responsibility is to our sustainability program, so we maintain a strict sense of vigilance in terms of prevention and elimination of child labor by promoting schooling. At the same time, we include appropriate measurements to provide an adequate and responsible work environment that respects the regulations of the context in which our activity is developed. Likewise, high industrial safety standards are part of our processes to provide safety and health to our workers.

Children’s Schooling

GrandSur promote schooling for the children of our strategic partners (farms) and not to allow child labor (under 18 years of age). A key element of the plan is to persuade parents to support the education of girls and boys and to recognize the future benefits that their training in technology and other fields will bring.

Labor Vulnerability Referral

GrandSur is strongly opposed to precariousness in the work environment; we seek to encourage our suppliers to maintain a good working environment free of overwork, discrimination, harassment and exploitation.

Equal Opportunity

GrandSur promotes compliance with fundamental principles and rights at work, with opportunities for true gender equality, strengthening social dialogue and improving job security.

Health and Safety

We highly value the environment and the safety of the people who are part of the value chain of our product. We try at all times to minimize risks by carrying out activities that prevent accidents and checking that they can attend accidents and in turn attending any type of emergencies that may arise, with first aid equipment and first aid kits, annual medical checkups, warning signs, among others.

Cocoa bean drying and storage plant
Mazorca de cacao
Sustainable cocoa plantation for chocolate production
GrandSur, South American cocoa bean exporter
Cocoa CCN-51 rich in aroma and flavor
Ecuadorian cocoa beans
Warehouse of cocoa beans for export
Purchase and Sale of cocoa guayaquil virgen de fatima
Cocoa bean collection center
Working group for cocoa bean exports
Grandsur Cocoa beans for export sustainable cocoa
Agricultural Sustainability in Cocoa Crops

In the Americas, the vision of sustainable cocoa is increasingly latent. Thousands of people are becoming aware of the origin of cocoa-derived products such as chocolate, looking at how it is produced and how it can affect the people involved in the production process. It is important to place in time the word Sustainability together […]

Cocoa tree pruning
Why are we going to prune?

Pruning cocoa trees increases their productivity and survival, prevents the spread of pests and diseases, recovers unproductive sectors, and facilitates cleaning and harvesting. Training pruning. Once the cocoa plant has been grafted and placed in the final location, the raising phase begins until harvesting begins, that is, the non-production phase of cocoa is taken into […]

Cocoa Beans for export
Soft Commodities Cocoa

Soft Commodities are those raw materials that are obtained through cultivation, among them, we have cocoa which can be marketed like cocoa beans or after going through primary processing to obtain derivatives such as powder, butter and cocoa liquor. Since cocoa is a crop of tropical and humid climates, Ecuador is geographically located within the […]