Cocoa contributes to cognitive function

Cocoa is a food rich in polyphenols that have positive effects on health, contributing to the body in the form of antioxidants, helping to prevent degenerative diseases.

Studies indicate that continuous consumption of natural cocoa can help cognitive function in children and young adults.

It also contains flavonoids, which aid in the absorption of vitamin C, which is involved in healing and protecting the body from ultraviolet rays, oxidants, environmental pollution and even chemicals that may be present in food.

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Does cocoa production affect the environment?

The conventional model developed on a large scale and based on monocultures causes deforestation, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity of fauna and flora in the medium term, in addition to the fact that this model causes instability and labor exploitation, increasing inequality and poverty among communities in the sector. Organizations related to environmental protection […]

GrandSur International cocoa market during the pandemic
International cocoa market during the pandemic

Cocoa, like other commodities traded on international markets, experienced significant variations during the pandemic. Consumption rose during the pandemic, even though markets were expecting a demand contraction on the consumer side. Chocolate, one of its derivative products, was an exception since demand fell with the temporary shut-downs of hotels, restaurants and airports. At the same […]

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Cocoa variety CCN-51

In the years 1870-1920, Ecuador was one of the first producers of cocoa, with the largest production quotas in the world. Unfortunately, there were no prevention policies for the control of Monilia, which in 1915 was known as “Frosty Pod” or “Quevedo’s Disease” and “Witches’ Broom” in 1916, destroying 70% of the country’s cocoa production, […]