Ecuadorian Cocoa Beans

Ecuadorian cocoa beans have a special flavor and aroma. These qualities have given the cocoa beans international recognition, making it to be considered the best raw material in the production of exquisite chocolate in aroma and delicious flavor.

Among the varieties produced in Ecuador are the CCN-51 cocoa with fruity citrus, nutty and chocolate flavors; and the fine aroma cocoa “Nacional” also called “Arriba” characterized by floral aromas and fruity flavors.

GrandSur sustainable cocoa beans variety ccn51
Cocoa variety CCN-51

In the years 1870-1920, Ecuador was one of the first producers of cocoa, with the largest production quotas in the world. Unfortunately, there were no prevention policies for the control of Monilia, which in 1915 was known as “Frosty Pod” or “Quevedo’s Disease” and “Witches’ Broom” in 1916, destroying 70% of the country’s cocoa production, […]

GrandSur almacenamiento de cacao para exportacion
Storage of cocoa for export

It is important to talk about the storage of cocoa, good practices ensure that at each stage of the process to ensure and maintain the quality of the raw material and thus expected to achieve the objectives set. Traditionally, once the harvest is done, the cocoa beans are stored. It should be noted that farmers […]

Women and their gender role in cocoa production
Women and their gender role in cocoa production

Within the agricultural systems that are developed worldwide, the social relations between men and women are a determining factor that shapes the current agricultural structure. These relationships, which are based on socially constructed roles, are being affected by the liberalization of markets and sustainability policies, giving women greater participation in the entire export-oriented agricultural production […]