Sustainable Cocoa beans for export
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Sustainable and Socially Responsible

Our product portfolio offers cocoa varieties, among them:

  • Cacao Fino Aroma (Nacional)
    • ASSS Arriba superior summer selecto
    • ASS Arriba superior selecto
    • ASE Arriba superior época

Cacao Fino (Nacional)

The national cocoa is characterized by having floral, fruity and other special flavors and aromas; and can provide a smooth chocolate with good flavor and aroma, which is why it is classified internationally as “fine aroma cocoa”.

Cacao ASSS – ASS – ASE (Nacional)

Exported with a maximum percentage of humidity (7%) Its classification will depend on the weight per 100 cocoa beans, among other factors, according to the table of the Ecuadorian Institute of Normalization.

  • Cacao CCN-51

This cocoa bean is characterized by its fruity flavors (nutty and citrus) and distinctive chocolate flavor. The acronym CCN51 stands for “Colección Castro Naranjal” and the number “51” refers to the cross of the seed from which this variety was obtained.


In addition, we offer our certification to our customers according to their requirements:

Cocoa CCN-51 for export

Markets Reached

Markets reached in cocoa bean sales

Cocoa beans for export
Cocoa beans storage for export
Cocoa beans for export
Cocoa beans storage for export
Cocoa beans for export
Cocoa beans for export
Transportation of cocoa beans for export
Cocoa beans storage for export
Cocoa beans for export
GrandSur Ecuadorian Cocoa Beans
Ecuadorian Cocoa Beans

Ecuadorian cocoa beans have a special flavor and aroma. These qualities have given the cocoa beans international recognition, making it to be considered the best raw material in the production of exquisite chocolate in aroma and delicious flavor. Among the varieties produced in Ecuador are the CCN-51 cocoa with fruity citrus, nutty and chocolate flavors; […]

beneficios del cacao en el deporte
Benefits of cocoa in sports

We live in a world where sports and physical culture has become something natural among people, always looking for the best way to stay in shape, consuming products that naturally help them in their mission. Dark chocolate made from #cacao is a food rich in fiber, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and other minerals. […]

Nutrients needed in cocoa production

Potassium (K), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), as well as secondary elements such as calcium (Ca), sulfur (S) and magnesium (Mg), which are involved in the metabolism of the plant, are among the nutrients most absorbed by cocoa during its useful life. It is important during cocoa production to perform annual or biannual soil analyses […]