Sustainability and ethical sourcing of cocoa

The cocoa industry has promoted various initiatives aimed at offering a sustainable business, since the poverty and economic instability affects some cocoa producers, motivated the adoption of sustainable practices. These initiatives include transparent and sustainable cultivation, and valued respect for certified cocoa utilizing seeds grown with special care, which allows recognition of the contribution of producers in their quest to protect the environment and local communities. This generates a better recognition of the actors involved in the entire supply chain, from ethical sourcing to protect the welfare of producers and the planet, as part of the social responsibility of this industry.

Cocoa pods harvest
When to harvest cocoa?

The fruits or cocoa pods are harvested when they reach physiological maturity, i.e. they have a large amount of sugars already formed. This usually occurs between 5 and 6 months after flowering, but it will depend on many factors, but especially climatic factors.   The main characteristic of a ripe fruit is the change of […]

Cocoa tree pruning
Why are we going to prune?

Pruning cocoa trees increases their productivity and survival, prevents the spread of pests and diseases, recovers unproductive sectors, and facilitates cleaning and harvesting. Training pruning. Once the cocoa plant has been grafted and placed in the final location, the raising phase begins until harvesting begins, that is, the non-production phase of cocoa is taken into […]

Problemas por musgo en las plantaciones de cacao
Moss problems on cocoa plants

Moss appears on the #cacao tree when there is a humid environment and lack of light. These directly affect the cocoa plant, since they reduce the yield of the flower bearings and thus the production. To avoid these problems, we must carry out a sanitary control of mosses and lichens in the plantations manually, to […]