Sustainable Cocoa

Our goal is to continue providing quality cocoa to our customers, so by 2025 we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of having all our exports be 100% sustainable cocoa, and we are working with producers and their communities to implement quality standards to achieve commercial success for all participants.

  • We provide farmers with leadership skills and support to harvest 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa beans.
  • We develop farmers’ capacity in process innovation and cocoa growing techniques.
  • We respond to market demands and challenges by renewing aging cocoa plantations.
  • Guide farmers in the practice of internationally recognized standards for planting, harvesting and processing cocoa without the use of hazardous agrochemicals.
  • We establish a foundation for small farmers in cocoa growing areas by providing them with growth channels through the application of techniques and good agricultural practices, which guarantee high productivity per hectare.
  • We train farmers in the application of good agricultural practices and techniques, which guarantee high productivity per hectare.
  • We train our farmers in good agricultural management practices, which increase production and improve the financial return on their product.

Implementing these standards is critical to the future success of our business plan and the socioeconomic growth of the producers.

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International cocoa market during the pandemic

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Women and their gender role in cocoa production

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Cocoa traceability

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